Content Management

A Content Management System is a software that allows a users such as an administrator or editor to publish or edit existing content of the web site. Drupal is built in PHP and MySQL, all the content is saved in nodes, blocks, taxonomies, content types. Drupal used templates to displays content which can also be aggregated through views. We can set up your custom content types and templates to display them.

Related Services

Drupal video management

The Enjoy margarine every day project is a perfect example of how to implement taxonomies of video and images. We used both content types and taxonomy to display the content in a flexible way, each node can have both images and video attached to it.

Drupal consulting

Over 10 years experience in Drupal consultancy: themes, custom modules and multi language websites. We worked on wide range of Drupal projects from small sites to very huge corporations with up to half million nodes. Expertise also on web services and REST to integrate Drupal with other backend systems.

Content management

Set up content types, taxonomies and blocks. Classify and group your content using taxonomies and views. Views helps to group the content in a different sections such as latest news, featured articles, services and all necessary website widgets.

Drupal Multi Language

Multilanguage - i18n Drupal module supports translation for nodes, taxonomies, url alias, meta tags, menus and blocks. Set up the site default languages and then for each piece of content add the relative translation.

Drupal Theming

Create your own Theme from hundreds of existing themes and then customise it. This is a fantastic feature in Drupal to implement any kind of design in terms of look, feel and structure. Set up your regions such as the 12 grids responsive layout, Omega theme, very good for mobile.