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Thinking about using Drupal for your web site? We helped already lot of agencies and most of our clients to install Drupal and we assist them to create their costumed content management system. As we are based in London, our main clients are companies and agencies from London. Our director, Pasquale Laudonio works mainly as a contractor and he performs all his consultancy work on the client side. Our daily rate is very competitive. Please contact us for more information.

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Website testing

Test Drupal performances across multiple browsers, scenarios, servers, and collect informations that are very useful to improve user experience. We do automation, functional and php unit tests, write documentation about the requirements, deliverables, planning, making estimates, creating mockups, compare solutions and performance.

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London Drupal consulting

Over 10 years experience in Drupal consultancy: themes, custom modules and multi language websites. We worked on wide range of Drupal projects from small sites to very huge corporations with up to half million nodes. Expertise also on web services and REST to integrate Drupal with other backend systems.

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How to Install Docker for Drupal and use Composer to download the Code

Drupal only requires a Linux hosting with a MySQL database, you just need to download the latest version and create a data base user for it. Make sure that the /sites/default directory has got written permission, then the installer will ask you the data base details, you need to specify the data base user and password.