User account registration

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In Drupal the registration process already comes in the core hooks functionality. We don't need to install any extra module. The main registration functionalities are: registration form, forgot password, user log-in, welcome email.

The super admin has got the permissions to block users, create new users, add user roles, set permissions so that new users can only use a limited part of the CMS. For example: edit their own content, upload their profile picture, add a comment or post a new item in the forum or create their own blog.

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The Enjoy margarine every day project is a perfect example of how to implement taxonomies of video and images. We used both content types and taxonomy to display the content in a flexible way, each node can have both images and video attached to it.

Register log in use password concept

User registration

Set up your portal and create your community site where users can post comments, upload pictures, enter competitions and win prizes. We handle very accurately all the permissions so that every user is allowed to perform only to certain operations and access only specific piece of content.