Web Strategy

Where would you like your web site to be in 1 year? In 3 years or in 10 years? You need to plan for a long term strategy to decide in which direction your web site is going to move on the near future and on the long term. Drupal is also evolving, currently the most stable version is the 7, but they recently lanched Drupal 8. The reasons why Drupal evolves is because it implements the most recent and advanced web development techniques. It also became more and more secure over the years, lot of security issues have been fixed in the latest releases, now Drupal has became a CMS solution that even some very important firms started to use.

Related Services

Content management

Set up content types, taxonomies and blocks. Classify and group your content using taxonomies and views. Views helps to group the content in a different sections such as latest news, featured articles, services and all necessary website widgets.

Open source strategy

Plan your strategy to use Drupal at the best of its capability and performance. As Drupal is written in PHP it requires that a module is loaded when needed, therefore it is highly recommended to install a module only if it is really necessary. Decide in advance which modules to use in your project.

Drupal ideas

Drupal is in a continue evolution and improvement. Developers contribute daily with new improvements and thoughts. Anyone can propose new ideas, vote existing ideas and also leave comments. Follow the community to see what is going on, see the latest security updates and the new released modules.

Website Development

Great expertise in web development, Agile environment, JIRA and project management, Github and SVN. Mostly specialised in Drupal Backend Development with also strong front-end skills in JavaScript, JSON, JQuery, Ajax, HTML/CSS, XML/XSLT.