Integrated Content Strategy

In your Strategy you should decide: how many content type should I have? Should I allow user registration? If so, which roles and permissions should I set up? Should all content be visible to all users roles? What about anonymous users? How heavily should I be using views, blocks, form API or variables? Note: views sometimes can be very slow, therefore try to use them efficiently, the content of the nodes should always be displayed though specific content types templates rather then views: page-news.tpl.php, do not use views with contextual filters that cannot be efficiently retrieved (such as LIKE on string).

Related Services

Open source strategy

Plan your strategy to use Drupal at the best of its capability and performance. As Drupal is written in PHP it requires that a module is loaded when needed, therefore it is highly recommended to install a module only if it is really necessary. Decide in advance which modules to use in your project.

Drupal web services

Integrate Drupal with other systems using the web services API module. They can be used for reading feeds, exchange data between complex systems which generally produce Jason or XML files.

Facebook Applications

Develop a Facebook application with the core Facebook Platform technologies: Social Plugins, Graph API and Platform Dialogs. Let your website interact with the Facebook social network: News Feed, Notifications, competitions and implemet any kind of viral marketing campaigns.