Our Services & Solutions

Specialised in Drupal development, theming and custom integration. Our mission is to develop content management system easy to use, scalable, efficient, highly performing and SEO friendly. Our managing director, Pasquale Laudonio has got more than 10 years experience with Drupal. He currently works as a Drupal contractor in London. During the years, we used Drupal in a wide range of sectors such as social media, beauty, finance, peer to peer lending, travel booking systems and accountancy. A list of our recent projects is listed in our projects page.

Related Services

Custom Modules

If you cannot find a module that does exactly what you need then need to write a custom module. First try to find the same functionality in some existing contributed module. Sometimes it is wise to alter or extend an existing module rather then rewriting the functionality from scratch.

Facebook Applications

Develop a Facebook application with the core Facebook Platform technologies: Social Plugins, Graph API and Platform Dialogs. Let your website interact with the Facebook social network: News Feed, Notifications, competitions and implemet any kind of viral marketing campaigns.

Drupal Theming

Create your own Theme from hundreds of existing themes and then customise it. This is a fantastic feature in Drupal to implement any kind of design in terms of look, feel and structure. Set up your regions such as the 12 grids responsive layout, Omega theme, very good for mobile.

Website Development

Great expertise in web development, Agile environment, JIRA and project management, Github and SVN. Mostly specialised in Drupal Backend Development with also strong front-end skills in JavaScript, JSON, JQuery, Ajax, HTML/CSS, XML/XSLT.