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Accessibility is a term that is widely spread in the web. In real life a place is accessible when it can be easily reached by different routes, means and by all people including ones with disabilities. In the web site terminology this concept is very similar, the web site is accessible when each page can easily be reached through links which are placed in a way that the information can easily be found.

Generally, an ideal approach is to place links in the web site so that each web page can be found by navigating from the home page using no more than 3 clicks. The page must have a SEO friendly URL, meta tags that helps robots such as search engines to classify the content of the web page, a good guideline is to have a page with no more than 30/40 links per page, no use JavaScript to hide links or content unless is necessary, content should be consistent amount the site, the topics should be related to each other.

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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Drupal Themes can be created from existing responsive themes such as Omega and then customise it. Theming is a fantastic Drupal feature to implement any kind of design in terms of responsive structure such as setting up regions with a 12 grids responsive layout, very good for mobile.