Database Integration

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Drupal can also be integrated with other complex system that uses other databases such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL Server. In the settings.php you can specify multiple data base connections so that the application can grab the information from more than one data base.

I worked in a projects where Drupal was used only to store the content for the front-end and most of the heavy data was stored in a different data base. I have also been involved in headless Drupal projects where Drupal is used only to store the data and the front end use a different technology such as Angular, Jequery calls that grab the content from Drupal using a set of Drupal API web services.

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How to migrate Drupal from 7 to 8

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User registration

Set up your portal and create your community site where users can post comments, upload pictures, enter competitions and win prizes. We handle very accurately all the permissions so that every user is allowed to perform only to certain operations and access only specific piece of content.