Email Marketing

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Drupal is ideal to create registration forms so that you can keep a list of your clients with their details such as email address, full name, address and other preferences. Therefore you can use the Drupal news letter system to send to your customers the most up to dated offers and news about your web site. Drupal also supports lot of Free Mail Marketing Solutions such as MailChimp.

Related Services

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User registration

Set up your portal and create your community site where users can post comments, upload pictures, enter competitions and win prizes. We handle very accurately all the permissions so that every user is allowed to perform only to certain operations and access only specific piece of content.

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Drupal newsletter service

Simplenews module to publish and send newsletters to different list of subscribers. The module handles multiple newsletter categories with separate settings. It can also be used to send HTML newsletters when used in combination with another supported mail system module.

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Facebook Applications

Develop a Facebook application with the core Facebook Platform technologies: Social Plugins, Graph API and Platform Dialogs. Let your website interact with the Facebook social network: News Feed, Notifications, competitions and implemet any kind of viral marketing campaigns.