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Why should you use Drupal 8?

Im specialised in financial security, protect REST APIs with SSL/TLS, Mutual Authentication and Token Based Authentication. Handle high traffic sites using Varnish as reverse proxy for Nginx. Drupal 8 is the perfect solution because is very easy to set up, it is open source, there are lot of learning resource available. Please read my Guide on how to install Drupal 8.

1. Drupal

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The great advantage of using Drupal is that is not just free to download, but it really helps to solve real problems and simplify the build of a complex CMS.

2. Support

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Groups organise, meet, and work on projects based on interest or geographic location. It\'s a great way to get involved, learn more and get support.

3. Web Design

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Drupal 8 is very well integrated with the latest Version of Bootstrap. There are so many responsive themes that you can use: there is not limit what you can achieve!

4. Migrate

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Migrate Drupal by follow our very simple Six Steps! Set up your YML configuration to define your custom migrate modules to import data from Drupal 7.