Drupal 7 Developer at CREDIT SUISSE, 4 months contract

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CREDIT SUISSE 1 Cabot Square Canary Wharf London E14 4QJ
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Senior Drupal 7 Developer
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14 January 2019 –23 May 2019, API Market place is where Developers from the Bank (Credit Suisse) share their APIs (Documentations) with other Developers within the same Organisation (Internal Drupal portal). The producers publish and deploy these APIs using Swagger Files which go through a pipeline process which requires a RFC request to release APIs to PROD. Developers needs to create an Application in order to be granted access to these APIs through a Key and Secret. Access is controlled on single API, but Developers can re-use the same Application (Key) to Request Access on multiple Products. Each Access Request goes through an Approval Process. We extend this functionality to also handle access to SPID-base APIs.


Apigee: an API Market Place Drupal 7 Portal. Custom Modules to extend the basic Apigee functionality: Taxonomies to easily Find and Classify APIs, Custom Admin Forms to upload Swaggers, Create new Versions, Editing Documentation (Custom Attributes), Submit Applications to Request Access to API Products, Integrate Drupal with other Apigee Systems such as LDAP and Snow. User Roles, Views, Features (Strongarm / content / terms export / import), Entity API, Custom module development, custom theme and custom hooks (menu, init, token, permission, form_alter, theme, permission), GitHub.

Project Description

Credit Suisse offers their financial services mostly to companies. Therefore the APIs Market Place was mostly used by their internal development teams. Their API Management Tool: Apigee  is an API management and predictive analytics software provider which allowed their producers to publish and deploy their APIs using Swagger Definition Files which are uploaded into the Tool which generates web pages inside the Apigee Drupal 7 Portal. The Process was to Upload the Swaggers first into Development Environment and then we created an automated pipeline process which generates a RFC (Request For Change) request to release the APIs to the Production Environment.


I work as a Senior Drupal Developer in a team of 6: 3 Drupal developers, 1 system admin, Scrum master and Tech lead. I built custom modules for Admin screens, Publish APIs and Request Access.

Technologies and Methodologies: Drupal 7, Taxonomies, Features, Entity API, Form API, Hooks. Tools: PHP Storm, JIRA, Sprint, Daily Stand-up, GitHub, Putty, PHP-unit test, Apache, LAMP full stack required. Code changes deployed only after pull requests and code reviews.