Senior Drupal 8 Developer at Atelier7, 3 months contract

Company details
Atelier7 19 Hatfields London SE1 8DJ
Job title
Senior Drupal 8 Developer
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I worked for Atelier7 last year in the Development of this Drupal 8 Risk Management Tool and this year they called me back to do 3 months of working improvements on the Tool and Upgrade to the Latest Drupal 8 Version.


Drupal 8 Risk Management Tool integrated with LDAP, AWS. Users with specific / custom permissions can manage risks, mitigation action, controls, download custom CSV reports. Drupal 8 Custom Module Development, Custom Services Symfony Components: DependencyInjection, EventDispatcher HttpFoundation, Process, Routing, Serializer, Translation, Validator, Yaml. User Roles, Content types, Views, Contextual filters, Custom Filters, Searches, Bulk Operations, Features, Entity API, (Git and AWS Integration), custom themes and custom hooks, GitHub.

Project Description

Upgrading and Improving a Drupal 8 Risk Management Tool, integrating it with LDAP HMRC User's directory: My main tasks are Drupal 8 Custom Module Development, Custom Forms, CSV Reports, cron jobs maintenance, Custom Views, Search, Filters, Features, Entity API, Custom Logs.


I work as a Senior Drupal Developer in a team of 10 other developers (1 front end, 7 Senior Drupal Developers and 2 system admin), I built Drupal 8 custom modules for custom reports, searches, user permissions on many custom operations, custom permissions / visibility, writing cron jobs, feed imports, drush commands.

Technologies and Methodologies: Drupal 8, Symfony Components, Custom Plugins Entity API, Form API, Hooks. Tools: PHP Storm, GitHub, Putty, Cypress testing, Apache, AWS. Changes are requested through pull requests and code reviews.