Drupal 7 Developer at UBS, 4 months contract

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UBS Aeschenplatz Basel 4052
Job title
Senior Drupal 7 Developer
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Top Management Team at UBS are very keen that ALL Developers and Members of Stuff who are involved directly or indirectly in Software Development to follow entirely the Bank Processes for the entire SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) that's why we set up the Internal DLC Drupal 7 portal. The purpose of this Portal is to create a way to integrate all the Banks Tools such as Jira, Gitlub, SERA and AWS. The Portal allow Managers to create Sprint and define and model their SDLC by planning and list all the artifacts. 


Full Stack Drupal 7 Developer: Slipstream Web Portal to manage the entire Software Development Lifecycle within all teams inside the Bank.

Senior Managers login into the Portal to set up their own Team and create goals and deliverables such as Create a Development Scope, Test Plan, Change-advisory board (CAB) Approval, Inception Complete. In agile Methodology they can also have group of tasks grouped into components and spread them along a 2 weeks sprint period fully integrated with Tools such as Jira, SERA, Gitlub, Confluence, etc.

Drupal 7 Custom ECK Entities, Custom UI entirely built in VueJS, Custom User Roles and Permissions, Services, Custom RESTs, Custom forms, Entity API, Custom module development (Gitlub, Jira, Jenkins, SERA Integration), custom themes and custom hooks.

Project Description

Creating a new fully headless Drupal 7 VueJs Portal, integrated with Jira, Gitlub, SERA and AWS: My main tasks are Drupal 7 Custom Module Development, Vue JS Components, Features, REST APIs.


I work as a Senior Drupal 7 Developer in a team of 10 people (1 front end, 6 Drupal Developers, Scram Master and Product Owner), I built Drupal 7 custom modules , writing Vuejs Components, drush, MySQL.

Technologies and Methodologies: Drupal 7, Entity API, Form API, Hooks. Tools: PHP Storm, GitHub, Putty, Apache, AWS. Changes are requested through pull requests and code reviews.