Senior Drupal 7 Developer at Santander, 13 months contract

Company details
Santander Head Office Chalkdell Drive Shenley Wood Milton Keynes MK5 6LA
Job title
Senior Drupal 7 Developer
From To

08 May 2017 –30 May 2018, Expose Bank's APIs through the Open Banking IBM Technologies which include the IBM API Connect which is a modern, industry-leading API management solution for creating, running, managing and securing APIs for external and internal consumers to accelerate an organisation’s API Program and capture new revenue through compelling new customer experiences.


Integrate Drupal 7 to IBM API Connect, Form API, Ctools, Content types, Views, Features, Panels, Entity API, Custom module development, GitHub.

Project Description

My main role was to create the Santander Developers Portal in Drupal 7 in order to expose the bank APIs to both internal Santander API developers and TTP (Third Party Provider) such as Amazon. The TTP are organisations already registered in Open Banking which are interested to use APIs services provided by Banco Santander. Santander as bank exposes these APIs through the Drupal portal. There are Drupal views that allows users to search and subscribe for specific plans to access and call these APIs.


I work as a Senior Drupal Developer in an API team of 10 people (I’m the only Drupal developer, the rest of the Team works closer with IBM API Connect to create and define APIs). I built custom modules to integrate Drupal 7 with IBM API Connect. The APIs (rules, policies, owners) are defined in APIC then they are integrated into the Drupal Portal though a set of custom modules. I work mostly on the custom module developments, custom views to present these APIs, registration form for the onboarding process, etc.

Tools: PHP Storm, GitHub, Putty, PHP-unit test, Apache.