Web Developer, Jul 2006 – Oct 2011, London SW1 (VCCP)

Company details
VCCP Digital Greencoat House Francis Street London SW1P
Job title
Senior Web Developer
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Drupal 4 and 5, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn API, AJAX, Server Administration (Linux Apache (ubuntu) and IIS), classic ASP, C# ASP.NET, SVN, CSS, HTML/DHTML/XHTML, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, DRUPAL, SQL, SQL Server, XML and XSLT

Project Description

Developing brand idea, social media strategies, populate culture though media channels such as facebook, linkedin and twitter. Our main achievement are The Sunday Times Social Rich List which rank users according to their social activities in Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn, the creation of Aleksandr Orlov (Russian: Meerkat) the founder of Compare the meerkat.com which is the central advertising campaign on British commercial television for the www.comparethemarket.com price comparison website, Microsoft, Metro, burton Jammie Dodgers, MORE TH>N, O2 Priority moments, Texaco star rewards web site, for 3 years I was also managing the Somerfield web site before it went handed over to Co-operative food

  • Developing Drupal Themes and Custom Modules as per requirement.

  • Wrote complex SQL statements for accessing data from the database and used JDBC API for java to Database Communication

  • Added Ajax concepts to avoid refreshing the page.

  • Developed CSS classes to make the website look and fell better.

  • Written XSLT files to generate XHTML by integrating with XML file.