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VCCP Digital the creators of Aleksandr Orlov (Russian: Meerkat) - A Drupal CMS for Meerkats!

I worked for 5 years at VCCP Digital. Long back on 2014 my Technical Leader introduced me on Drupal 5, since then I move on version 6, 7 and most recently Im working mostly on Drupal 8. I spent 5 wonderful years in this outstanding top London Marketing Digital Agency.

I worked in the Digital team on many marketing projects for different clients.

  • Following Agile development processes.
  • Practicing 'DevOps' with continuous integration using Jenkins.
  • Automating integration tests, PHP Units, Behat, Cypress.
  • Programming in Php / Drupal 5, 6.
  • Responsive Web Design using latest Bootstrap Version.
  • Doing code reviews and sprint planning sessions to estimates new work.
  • Mentoring junior developers and do research for new technologies.
  • Using my range of expertises to advise on a range of subjects.

We worked on very exciting projects such as the very famous campaign which has a layout very similar to the real Compare the Market, the protagonist and new personage of this very funny promotional Campaign was Aleksandr Orlov, a Russian Meerkat which promoted the price comparison car Insurance website. When I did some of my interviews, I even found people that believed that I was making the Voice of Aleksandr because my accent looks like a bit Russian, but Im Italian... Maybe I took it from my Russian Wife.

They were very friendly people, I was used to play football once a week with some of my ex work mate, I even managed to win the Fantasy Football League the year before I left!

1. Chime

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2. London

London downtown with river thames

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3. Keywords

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4. Migrate

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