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London Job, how to set up a multi language Drupal web site for Mergers & acquisitions (M&A)

I worked as freelancer for 2 months to set up a multi language Drupal web site for Merger Market, work was commissioned by a Digital agency in London. All the HTML / CSS / Javascript front end assets were supplied by the Agency, therefore my main task was to integrate all this front end work into a Drupal custom theme templates.

Merger Market is specialised world wide in Mergers & acquisitions (M&A) which is the process for management, financing, and handle all the strategy involved for buying, selling, and combining companies. They provides Intelligence, data and analysis on global M&A deals giving the opportunity to their customers to generate new business and stay ahead of the market..

Our plan was to implement a Drupal Multi Language site, set up the main Drupal Core instance to serve 3 main languages. Each sub site had an independent data base and a sub theme built from the main one, but they were all sharing the same core code base and all custom modules.

I really enjoyed the time working on this project because I met dedicated Designers and Front end Developers specialists, we worked together using a wide range of Technologies such as Jquery, HTML, CSS, Angular. We had a very short dead line but putting together all our work force I manage to integrate on time all their phenomenal front end work with my Drupal backend part, which included custom module development, build the new custom theme and set up all the different languages. My day to day job was in:

  • Agile development, Sprint planning and Timeline estimation.
  • Task allocation, deadline management and Retrospective.
  • Continuous integration Tools such Jenkins, GitLab and Jira.
  • Programming in Php / Drupal 7 / Services / built Custom Multi language web sites.
  • Code reviews / Pull request  / Deployments.
  • Using my range of expertises to advise on a range of subjects.
  • Data Base Design and Building new Custom Modules.
  • Built all the admin screen to Mange all Products and Categories.

I was efficient in communicating and co-ordinating with different people across their London offices. Collect new requirements, functional and technical designing and create the multi sites in 3 different languages and I trained the junior developer to train him on how to set up a new site in a new Language in case the client wanted to add a new one according to the Business specification. From my experience some languages such as Arabic, Chinese or Japanese can also be read from right to left or form top to bottom so they requires some extra custom CSS in order to achieve these new page layout settings.

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