Peer to peer lending

P2P Peer to peer lending

1. Property

couples signed contract to buy house from the broker

Buy and sell properties online with Drupal Custom websites: The right place to meet for Sellers and buyers: Email alerts, marketing notifications and more.

2. Savings

light bulb idea concept with innovation idea finance accounting

Data management, risk analysis, Cash ISA, Loan Interest Calculator and other very complex financial applications with Equifax and Cifas Direct.

3. Markets

stock market graph business forex trading investment and crisis money

Drupal dynamic Jquery Chart and Graph plugins for Stocks and Shares web sites: Charts and Graphs Flot, Views Charts, Poll Chart Block and a lot more.

4. LendingWorks

Lending Works Team

I worked for LendingWorks when it was just a start up, I had a 18 months contract with them back 5 years ago and today..