Drupal 7 Developer at The Vizier Ltd

Company details
The Vizier Ltd 2 Sheen Road Richmond TW10
Job title
Drupal 7 Developer
From To

Drupal 7, Custom Graph Applications, Field Collections, Views, User relationships, Paypal subscriptions, Banner advertising, Bootstrap Theme.

Project Description

(7 weeks contract)

The Vizier’s web site: migrating and theming an existing web site into Drupal.

Integrating the site with PayPal (IPN) and control access by User relationships.


The current site was built in PHP and it had already got a complex set of functionalities for Graphs manipulations (plotting multi charts, comparing graphs, expand-x, multiply-y, synch dates, start dates, etc.). The aim of this project was to migrate all these Graph functionalities into Drupal by adding:

  • Security Access (User relationships – share a graph only with certain groups)
  • Paypal Subscriptions: Implementing a Instant Payment Notification Listener
  • Banner Advertising: setting up the Simple ads module with PayPal IPN.
  • Bootstrap Theme (12 grids responsive theme).

Further details about web site is on: The Vizier Project Page.