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The Vizier Amazing Accounting Firm Web site with Drupal and Bootstrap sub theme

It was a great Experience for me to work together with Andrew in building his Amazing Accounting Firm Web site! Andrew is a specialist in accounting, tax and he has great skills and more than 30 years experience in this sector. We built together a Bootstrap Theme in Drupal 7 and I helped him to create Custom Modules in order to code his Excel models into Drupal so that all his Financial Algorithms to calculates Estimates, Actuals and plot custom graphs using the Flot Contributed Module are fully integrated inside a Custom Module.

1. AAT

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I worked 7 months for The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) website which is designed to target mostly all firm related to Accounting..

2. London

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Migrate the entire site from D7 to D8: Using Drupal upgrade module to generate all the necessary YML files for setting up a custom module..

3. Santander

bank of spain building located in santander cantabria

The project was to create 2 Developer Portals, one was external which was exclusively for the TPP on boarding and for registering..

4. Example

reviewing financial reports in returning on investment analysis

Plan your strategy to use Drupal at the best of its capability and performance. As Drupal is written in PHP it requires that a module is..