Web Developer at Byteart, 2 years

Company details
Byteart Clerkenwell London EC1R 0DP
Job title
Web Developer
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Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, AJAX, classic ASP, C# ASP.NET, SVN, CSS, Flash, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, IIS, Java, JSP, JavaScript, PDF, Perl, Cold Fusion, PostgreSQL, SQL, SQL Server, UML, XML and XSLT.

Project Description

Developing Internet and Intranet solutions incorporating e-commerce and customized Content Management Systems: Client List.

  • Tailor and customize CMS in order to satisfy our clients requirements

  • Create fast, reliable, expandable and easy to use web sites with the option to have secure on-line ordering and credit card transactions for B2C (business to consumer)

  • Building supplier/customer networks for B2B (business to business) systems.

  • Added Ajax concepts to avoid refreshing the page.

  • Developed CSS classes to make the website look and fell better.

  • Written XSLT files to generate XHTML by integrating with XML file.

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