railway in forest

Create a booking system in Drupal 7 for Chiltern Railways, Php, jquery, ajax, HTML / CSS

I worked on Chiltern Railways when I was in First clarity, a Digital agency from London. I really enjoyed this time because the Agency had many marketing projects for a lot of different clients. It is amazing to work in such Agile Environment because every day I was learning something new.

  • Agile development with sprint planning and retrospective.
  • Timeline estimation, task allocation, deadline management
  • Continuous integration using tools such Jenkins, Jira.
  • Automating tests, PHP Units and Cypress.
  • Programming in Php / Drupal 7 and HTML / CSS.
  • Code reviews / Pull request  / Deployments
  • Sprint planning sessions to estimates new work.
  • Using my range of expertises to advise on a range of subjects.

Among all different clients I was efficient in communicating and co-ordinating with different people across geographical locations. Collect new requirements, functional and technical designing and create new product showcase and demo to the business.

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