Drupal 7 Developer at Salmon Ltd, 3 months contract

Company details
Salmon Ltd 64 Clarendon Road Watford WD17 1DA
Job title
Drupal 7 Developer
From To

Drupal 7 Developer, 11 Jan - 4 March 2016, Salmon Ltd 64 Clarendon Road Watford WD17 1DA. Headless Drupal 7 system: front-end developed with Symfony (MongoDB) for Travellodge: Hotel Booking, search, etc.


Drupal 7, Symfony, MongoDB, Bootstrap Sub Theme, Form API, custom reusable forms, workflow, Content types, Views, Features, Entity API, BEAN, Field collections, media, ImageField, ImageAPI, Entity Reference, E-spot (Custom carousel, Hero Image Blocks, Banners), Hotel pages (Facilities, Locations, etc).

Project Description

Headless Drupal 7 system: front-end is developed with Symfony (MongoDB) for Travelodge.co.uk: Hotel Booking, search, Hotel Details, Payment gateway.


Senior Drupal Developer in a team of 10 other developers (2 front end, 7 Symfony and 1 Senior Drupal). Custom module that extended the Mongo Indexer contributed module to export the data (nodes, menus and taxonomies) from Drupal into mongo DB. I also wrote different controllers to display the data in the front end using the Symfony Doctrine library that reads the data from MongoDB and displays it into twig templates. Technologies: Drupal 7, MySQL. Tools: PHP Storm, Vagrant, Grunt, GitHub, Putty. Code changes go through code reviews (pull requests) and continuously integrated through Jenkins.