Drupal 7 Developer, Freelancer at Lean Mean Fighting Machine

Company details
Lean Mean Fighting Machine 17 Ferdinand Street London NW1 8EU
Job title
Drupal 7 Developer
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Drupal 7, Bootstrap Theme, module development, blogs, views, social networking integration (Face book and Twitter API).

Project Description

(Summer 2013)

I worked as a freelancer (4 months) for Lean Mean Fighting Machine on Tigi Bed head (Fluid responsive design) and Enjoy margarine every day (Omega Theme).


These projects have been one of my best achievements in my career: Enjoy Margarine Everyday (Omega theme, Twitter API) shows clearly my Drupal theme abilities and Tigi Bedhead (Multi lingual, Fluid responsive design) shows more my custom module development skills: building a fluid responsive theme for a multilingual web site. This web site is 100% built in JavaScript but it uses Drupal web service (REST full requests that returns data in a Jason format: http://www.bedhead.com/data/en-gb/products.json These 2 projects clearly show my latest skills as a Drupal Themer and as a Module developer: I got almost 10 years experience with Drupal (theming and module development) and 15 years experience in web development (Jquery, JavaScript, HTML5, CCS3, XML, REST, SOAP, etc.)