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Drupal 7 Multi sites for Training's Organisations such as

Freelance Project for maintaining and implementing new improvements on a Drupal 7 Multi sites project. In order to share some common functionality, the same code base was shared among different sites.

They are about Training, Monitoring and Acquiring Qualifications. The aim of the Project was mainly to improve and fix some of the existing Excel custom Skills Qualification reports. At very high level, for example a Trainer has to pass some examination to acquire a new qualification and consolidate his skills. The system has put in place different actors who have different roles such as:

  • Program Manager
  • Trainer
  • Supervisor

To acquire consolidate a skill a trainer need to be first examined by the Program Manager and then Qualification is approved by the Supervisor. This is a very high level to let you understand the complexity of data I worked with.

Reports were very complex, foe example some of the reports were about competency, find people from a specific Organisation A who have certain skills (X, Z and Y) and has consolidated certain qualification (Qual1, Qual2, .. Qual10), acquired between certain date, examined by a supervisor from Organisation B and so on..

As you can imagine the data base contains many records because so different web sites sharing so many data. But the great advantage to have a multi Drupal site is to share the maintaining cost and share all the functionalities. Using Drupal Domain Contributed Module which adds a Domain_ID to associate an Entity to a Domain.

As a Senior Drupal 7 Developer I cooperated with other 2 talented Drupal 7 developers with a great passion for technology and a strong drive for personal growth.

To reach the success of this project as Drupal Developer, I had to prove them the following experience:

  • Agile Sprint development, estimation, planning and allocation of tasks, deadline management and retrospective.
  • Continuous integration Tools such Jenkins, GitLab, Jira.
  • Full stack technology: Php / Drupal 7 / jquery / HTML / CSS.
  • Great knowledge of My SQL to create very complex query reports.
  • Master the Drupal 7 Domain and Domain Access contributed modules.
  • Using my range of expertises to advise the business leaders, offer them great values to delivery.
  • High level of system performance for their high traffic user site.
  • Research and use always latest technologies, champion innovation as a technical expert.
  • Follow best practices and process in Delivering Code.
  • Code reviews / Pull request / Automated Jenkins Deployments.

Among all different challenges I was efficient in communicating and co-ordinating with different people across different locations. My task was mainly to read the Documents and understand well the requirements then doing all the bug fixes, creating and fixing exciting Excel Reports and some Back end CMS Management screens in a very proficient Drupal 7 full-stack role.

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