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HMRC Intranet

The Government Intranet has got 75,000 active users. Maintenance tasks on LDAP authentication, Cron Jobs, Drush commands, Field Importers. Create new site sections, panels, views, features, reusable multi step forms using Ctools and workflow. Improve the performance of the query and page load through Drupal cache, memcached and Varnish.

Create maps and locate each users on the map. Delete inactive users. Before I left I worked with Migrate Drupal, Drupal Upgrade, Migrate Plus, Migrate Tools in order to set up custom migrate modules (from D7 to D8) for different content types, Taxonomies and Blocks.

I really enjoyed the time working at HMRC, I met dedicated Designers and Front end Developers specialists, we worked together using a wide range of Technologies such as Varnish, Memcache, Ctools, jquery, HTML, CSS, SASS. My day to day job was in:

  • Agile development, Sprint planning and Timeline estimation.
  • Continuous integration Tools such Jenkins, GitLab and Jira.
  • Programming in Php / Drupal 7 / LDAP / Memcache / Cron Maintenance.
  • Code reviews / Pull request  / Deployments.
  • Using my range of expertises to advise on a range of subjects.
  • Data Base Design and Building new Custom Modules and Feed Import.
  • Built new custom admin screen to Manage and Block Inactive Users.

I was efficient in communicating and co-ordinating with different people across their London offices. Collect new requirements, functional and technical designing and create the map links for different sites of the building, set up new custom cron jobs, Ctool multi step form, Improve the performance, etc..

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