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Publishing web site Bounty - Weaning, Drupal 7 CMS, Views, Panels, Paragraphs, Taxonomy, Contexts

Bounty is a massive Publishing web site with Thousands of articles about Baby and lot of tips about how to cope well during Pregnancy and after the child is born.

The Weaning Section talks mostly about the need of a young baby to start trying extra nutrients food alongside milk feeds when usually the baby reached six months old.

I built a new part of the Drupal 7 CMS for Content Moderation, Visualisation and Integrating of this new section of the Bounty Web site with other custom Advertising and Product services.

The front end was built mostly using Views, Panels, Paragraphs, Taxonomy, Contexts and Custom Templates. Each category has got lot of sub-categories and so on. Each Page has also got a Right hand side section for Related Articles, Products and Advertisements who links to other page who helps moms to find the best products for their children.

As Bounty is a very big company and has got lot of registered users, mostly moms who are interested in the latest articles, products and updates form the web site.

I worked with different teams across the building, gathering the new requirements and produce showcase and demo to the business in order to create an efficient way to manage all the new Articles, categorise them into the new Weaning Section. Project execution was handled in an Agile Environment with weekly sprints in order to manage and monitoring all the activities according to timeline estimation, task allocation and deadline.

  • Agile Sprint development, estimation, planning and allocation of tasks, deadline management and retrospective.
  • Continuous integration Tools such Jenkins, GitLab, Jira.
  • Highly motivated to delivery the new elegant design and build technical solutions in Drupal 7.
  • Full stack Drupal 7 with strong skills required in Jquery / CSS / HTML / APIs integration.
  • Developed new custom Widgets using Drupal Panels, Contexts and new custom blocks.
  • High level of system performance for their high traffic user site.
  • Code reviews / Pull request  / Automated Jenkins Deployments.
  • Data Base Design and Building new Custom Modules.

The site had more than 1000 visitors per minute so it required a secure, scalable, high performing Drupal cache solution to handle a such enterprise environment. Usually Cache Context is per Page URL and some blocks were Caches on the entire Sub-section Context or user preferences to give a great tailored customer experience.

The whole project was executed in a completely agile way with sprint planning, daily standup, Kanban charts, retrospective.

Among all different challenges I was efficient in communicating and co-ordinating with different people across different locations. Starting from collecting the new requirements from the Mockups made in Photoshops, doing the functional and technical designing, creating both Front end and Back end CMS Management screen in a very proficient Drupal 7 full-stack role.

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