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Job at Bounty, Drupal CMS, Node, Drupal 7, React.js, PHP, Javascript, jquery, ajax, Docker

At Bounty I was responsible for creating new services for Content Moderation, Visualisation, Integrating the Drupal 7 Web site with other custom services and third party API's.

In my day to day job I was working on fixing bugs as well as making improvement to Administration Console, creating new pages in the Weaning, Competition and Products sections and implementing new custom modules.

The project was very challenging and it required latest technology such as Node, Drupal 7, React.js, PHP, Javascript, J-query, Docker.

As Bounty is a very big company I had an excellent communication with all the different teams across the building and gathering all the requirements and produce showcase & demo to the business in order to create an efficient Project execution to manage and monitoring all the activities according to timeline estimation, task allocation and deadline.

  • Agile Environment and weekly sprints
  • Full stack software engineering experience
  • VueJS or Angular
  • Developed Carousel Widget using Drupal custom blocks

The site had more than 1000 visitors per minute so it required a secure, scalable, high performing Drupal cache solution to handle a such enterprise environment.

The whole project was executed in a completely agile way with sprint planning, daily standup, Kanban charts, retrospective.

1. Photography

camera photography design studio editing concept

Bounty Ltd is a massive Publishing web site with Thousands of articles about Baby and lot of tips about how to cope well during and after..

2. Weaning

cute toddler boy at the indoors cafe

Bounty is a massive Publishing web site with Thousands of articles about Baby and lot of tips about how to cope well during Pregnancy..

3. Website

writing codes and database

Great expertise in web development, Agile environment, JIRA and project management, Github and SVN. Mostly specialised in Drupal Backend..

4. Drupal

innovation and technology

Drupal is in a continue evolution and improvement. Developers contribute daily with new improvements and thoughts. Anyone can propose new..